Siamese Cats! Are You Ready To Get Owned By One?

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So you’re thinking about adding a Siamese cat to your family and doing your research like a good pet parent should. Here are some facts about the breed to help you decide if the Siamese is a good fit for you.


The Siamese originates from Thailand and is one of the oldest known breeds. They have been popular pets for hundreds of years.


The Siamese is full of personality. They are extremely intelligent and that brain of theirs will keep you on your toes. The sleek Siamese is very playful and social. They love, and demand, to be the center of attention.

Since they love to play they will make playmates out of anyone, including kids and other pets. They tend to be social butterflies who love when strangers come to visit.

Siamese are very affectionate cats and will be near you or on you all the time. They are curious about everything. Some even like to watch TV and take walks on a leash to explore the neighborhood.

The Siamese is adaptable and has a very high energy level. They are busy and very active. A cat tree or wall shelves will come in handy and help keep your pet happy.

Some Siamese are known for doing tricks like fetching or catching small items. Their curiosity and dexterous feet enable them to open drawers, turn on faucets and other such ornery activities.

Health & Care

The Siamese is a medium sized, sturdy breed. Due to the shape of their head they can sometimes have respiratory problems so keep an eye out for signs of breathing issues and infections.

They are somewhat prone to dental issues so ask your vet about keeping the teeth clean. Dry food will help. Siamese cats are generally healthy and can be expected to live at least 15 years.

The Siamese has a short, fine coat which is less allergenic than some although no cat is completely hypoallergenic. All cats shed, especially during spring and early summer. A quick weekly brushing should keep your kitty’s coat under control.

Finding your cat

If you decide the Siamese is the cat breed for you, ask yourself if you would rather have a kitten or an adult cat. Adults are a great option for someone who doesn’t have the patience required for a feisty kitten.

If you choose to get a purebred Siamese, select your breeder carefully. It’s a good idea to visit their facility and be sure you get a health certificate or guarantee.

Another fantastic option is to save a cat. You can visit local rescues or shelters, some of which even specialize in Siamese cats.

This cat will own you

The Siamese likes to be the boss so be prepared for them to train you well. They are very vocal and will talk to you all day and sometimes all night. If they are unhappy or want something, they will tell you about it. You will be required to pet them, a lot. They will demand attention but give plenty of affection in return.

To avoid going crazy with such an intelligent pet you can invent games, use toys and puzzles, take them for walks and let them be involved in everything you do around the house. You might as well as they will inject themselves into everything you do anyway.

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