Proven Benefits of Cat Ownership

Many people believe that owning a cat has a lot of benefits, that a feline pal in your home mainly brings joy. In fact, according to AVMA  data, there are millions of cats living in families around the US as they consider human-animal relationship can improve quality of life.

What are these Advantages Then?

Whether you own a quiet introvert or a friendly lap cat type all were furry, quite independent and kind of sweet. No wonder people loved to have them as their pet and claimed that cat ownership has a number of benefits like.

The Best Companion

Cat’s is known that has the ability to return your kindness, once you love and treat them well they can love you back. You can play with them, build a relationship and treated them like a good friend.



When things get hard, a cat can be considered as a shoulder to cry on by sharing them your secrets, complain and life issues. A great scape for arguments and fights but eventually released your pain and allow you to feel better.

Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Owning a cat reduce the risk of heart diseases in a sense that it helps you relieve the mental burden, panic and lowering the blood pressure. Prof Adnan Qureshi, from the Minnesota University, said: “The logical explanation may be that cat ownership relieves stress and anxiety and subsequently reduces the risk of heart disease.” As cat’s ownership makes you feel calm, relax and better.

Develop Children’s Empathy

If you will notice children who mostly play with their cats develop its feeling of empathy. They learn how to take care and pamper while handling their cats.  A good practice of dealing their feelings not only with pets but to human or other kids as well.

A Better Sleep

It has been said that 62 percent of cat owner share their beds with their pet. They claimed that they sleep better with their furry friend as cats used to cuddle and that relaxes people and lead to improve sleep disorder.

The Best Therapy

Playing with pets (cat in particular) can increase serotonin and dopamine levels. Elements that regulates mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. Cat gives you joy, make you feel calm and lower the chance of feeling upset.

Improving Immune System

The happiness that you often feel in your heart and mind plays an important role. A sort of immune system booster that your body required to stay fit and healthy.

Owning a cat is like adding responsibility on your shoulder but if you look at these benefits mentioned, it’s worth it. No matter how hard or tough it is, at the end of the day, the joy that you’ve experienced is priceless.


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