Let Your Feline Feels At Home Learn How to Adopt a Cat

Are you ready for a cat? Surely some people will raise its hands and say “yes” but then again bringing a feline at home not only required your attention but you’ll consider it as a huge responsibility. Here is the best advice that you can rely on how to adopt a cat.

Bring These Questions in Mind

Are you sure you like cats? This question is quite important as you need to make sure if you like to have a cat in your home and not just pushed by some friends. Cats deserve to treat like a family member so give it a serious thought.

What kind of a cat do you like? There are many factors involving in choosing what kind of cat you like. They come in different breeds and have distinct activity levels and playfulness thus you need to know what type of cats (male/female) you liked best. Research first before you decides.

Where to Adopt a Cat?  There are many institutions that allow individuals to adopt a cat. Or you can have one from pet provider or even for your family or friends. However, before grabbing any offers, get to know some details like if it is vaccinated or d-wormed, this way you will know what do to next when they handed it to you.

Before You Carry Your Pet Home

If you already decided and have preferred one particular feline, bringing it home is probably your next agenda thus consider the following facts.

  • Cats are typically territorial thus expect them to feel uneasy when you exposed them to a new environment. Prior to that, provide an area in your house and furnish the spot with food, water, and litter box. Do them a favor by providing a space wherein they will feel comfortable.
  •  Just like the human, cats like to have privacy thus place its litter box in a place where they will not be disturbed.
  • Feline normally love small but comfy places, they would appreciate it if you can provide a little safe haven. Prepare a space wherein they can hide or rest with peace.
  •  One of the essential things that you should provide is the scratching post. Cat’s claws need to be worn down and one way of doing this is to scratch therefore preparing them a scratching post will save your sofa or other objects to be damage.
  • First and foremost remind your entire family member that a new pet will be home soon, a warm welcome for your furry friend is a good idea but make it sure that it won’t startle the little kitten.


Your Feline Friend is finally at Home

Now that your feline friend finally arrived home and everyone wanted and excited to see her/him, let your family remember these tips.

  • Don’t force the cat to easily get acquainted with people, leave them alone but be ready to caress her/him if they come to you. Usually, that little furry friend is frightened with its new environment and hides. Let them be, and patiently wait until they get used to the new set up.
  • Your newly adopted cat may not eat much on the first day but be sure to prepare the same foods she/he eats in the shelter.
  •  Let your family member aware that your new pet needs clean water hence changing it regularly is important.
  • During its first month, see to it that you have scheduled a veterinary visit for immunization and other health concern.
  • Adjusted cats normally roam around your house, if you notice that your new adopted cat often exposed herself then an indication that she/he is ready to play
  • Lastly, as your feline friend is acquainted with the family, spare some time to play with them or buy some toys that keeps them busy. Being active brings advantages like a form of exercise and eventually makes them healthy.


Bringing or adopting a pet might be another responsibility but if you look at the brighter side you will see that a cute little kitten or cat will add laughter and good moods in the entire family.

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